OLYMPIC PARK STAGE 1 – Banyule City Council

RMS Reconstruction of Heidelberg United’s Soccer field pitch 1
Construction included stripping of the site which included removal of its existing 40mm layer Kikuyu grass, surrounding athletics track, paths, and fences. Cut and Fill with new subgrade and surrounding viewing mounds shaped Via a 3D Surface Model in our machines, the installation of site civil drainage and stormwater pits, the installation of all other underground mains including irrigation & electrical conduits. Installation of an irrigation system including a dual booster pump set. Installation of 3400m² of Concrete paths, driveways, variable pitch perimeter spoon drains. A black chain-link perimeter fence with high ball protection fence.
Structural stabilization of sub-base via a Tenzar grid followed by a 150mm capping layer, geo-composite membrane & additional 150mm capping layer to provide a premium surface that will endure the test of time. Perched water table via 150mm screenings layer & Importation of a 300mm root zone layer.

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