Booran Rd, Civil drainage and Harvest water construction.

  • Between August 2016 and May 2017, RMS Groundworks completed the installation of a new water harvesting system, automatic irrigation system and sub surface drainage works at Booran Road Reserve in Caulfield South.
  • The works included installation of aggi pipes throughout the turf and swale areas of the reserve, connecting to 34 new drainage pits. These pits were then connected to each other by uPVC SN8 and concrete pipe work installed by RMS.
  • The water harvesting system comprised of installing a new Grundfos dual pump set, which provided reclaimed water to the irrigation system by drawing water via a suction line with self cleaning filter in a pump well. A Filtaworx automatic backwash filter and Waterform UV Filter was installed downstream of the dual pumpset for further filtration of the reclaimed water being used for irrigation.
  • We also installed a new Davey Rainbank changeover pump set to supply water to the public toilets across the reserve.
  • The irrigation system installed included Netafim drip tube irrigation to the garden bed areas and trees in the reserve, as well as Hunter pop-up sprinklers for irrigation to the lawn areas. The irrigation system is controller by a Toro Sentinel 2 wire decoder controller.
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