RMS Groundworks Pty Ltd is a Unique entity that covers a wide range of Tendered contracts in Sports Surfaces and civil construction. The dedicated team of experienced civil construction personnel, qualified plumbers, qualified Turf managers, and qualified landscapers with all of whom are employed full time. RMS is one of the few contracting companies that employ full-time staff with a wide range of skill bases to use as mineable subcontractors as possible. This will allow RMS to guarantee Elite workmanship and accountability which we grant Premium surfaces.

RMS Project works include:
Natural Turf Sports Field Construction Commercial Irrigation installation
Hard Court Sports Field Construction All Aspects of Civil Drainage
Synthetic Sports Field Construction Pump Station & Water Harvesting Systems
Our onsite works include:
Site demolishing Small to Large bulk Cutting & Filling Earthworks
Import & export of all materials All Civil undergrounds to include Drainage, Electrical conduits & all Hydraulic
– Utilising our onsite total station – 3D leveling services to form a subbase, final surface & concrete preparations